Bali Sharks Nursery

Are you afraid of sharks? Will you go diving with them? Perhaps swimming? Swimming with sharks on Bali and paying money for it: does it sound like fun or a crazy idea?

Blacktip reef shark

Sharks are top predators of the ocean. And to many it sounds like: they eat everything that moves and no other predator eats them. That’s not true. Sharks have many enemies, and humans are the most dangerous of them. As Paul Friese, the founder of Shark Nursery, explains it, fishermen catch anything they see in the water. And if it happens to be a shark… well, the best way is they eat one. At least it’s been put to a good use. In many cases fins are cut and shark is thrown back in the sea. But on Bali the outcome might be even more upsetting: the sharks are taken to Jimbaran market, sold for precious little money as by-catch, used as promotional material during the day and thrown in the rubbish as the day ends.

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What do you know about the Moomins? These are interesting creatures from Tove Jansson books, right? Wrong 🙂 Moomins are the manatees! Or, you can say, manatees are the only possible direct prototypes of the Moomins. My experience in the Crystal River, Florida, swimming right next to the manatees has been every day proving that my guess is right.

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X-mas presents

Winter is coming…
Well, but it is 🙂 and so is X-mas. And I thought, well, it’s great when you can share your love and passion to ocean with your friends. And it’s easy now!

New calendars with fish portraits, dolphins and other animals, greeting cards and much more is waiting for you here:
Marine calendars 2014
iPhone and iPod cases
Greeting Cards
Framed Prints
…and much more!

Diving in cenotes of Yucatan (Mexico)

The Pit Cenote

I can’t write here a comprehensive guide to Yucatan cenotes, for I’ve seen them for 3 days only, but I would like to share here my impressions with you. In short: it was amazing! Unlike anything I’ve experienced before underwater. Peaceful and beautiful, mysterious and relaxing, inspiring and absolutely mesmerizing.
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